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Amy11 Part Two “My Life as a Child”


girl and butterfly



Amy11 Part Two “My Life as a Child”

•           Continuation….while growing up I was very average girl running around the butterflies dancing laughing all was part of life. Father was in army so we had not faced poverty much. Our family had fridge, TV, and other things at home but parents were so cruel. I had to do whole household chores started at age of 7 yrs. helping mother to do dishes, wash clothes with hand even when I could not hold detergent bar in my hand, milking buffalos was a routine too. Mopping whole home every day was required as per country needs. Dusting home was needed due to so much dirt every week once at least. As my father was in army my both parents might be sex frustrated. While washing dishes if a glass my mistake slips out of hand and broke. My mom would beat my with anything like rolling pan, stick, or any other object till she get tired of beating me. It would leave scars on my body many wounds would take days to heal. If my father was at home those days it was even worse bqs he would join her and both will stop when they get tired of beating me. It made me too loose ability to fight for anything I feel it’s better to loose than asking for anything. Like once my mother she was making Tortillas I was getting late for school I touched one by mistake she hit my face with rolling pan so hard that I was bruised for at least 2 weeks. As per mummy she was making tortillas for my brothers with butter in it and those were not for us girls. So Many more every moment of life was scary to death even I was born after 8 yrs. of my parents wedding. So I learnt how to raise a cattle farm any embroidery knitting, crocheting, cooking, studying and all. But believe me nothing was easy at all. That’s how I learned how to earn love from anyone whom I know or will meet Love does not mean I have to have sex with anyone but you all know what I am talking about…… to be continued……


Part 1

My Story Begins Very far From the USA



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If you are in a relationship that is violent, and remember violence is not just physical but also mental and emotional, then seek help when you are able.  Seek out local resources in your area such as the Domestic Abuse Shelter. The most dangerous time for a the victim in a violent relationship is when they try to leave.  It is scary, but there are people who can help. The Hotline is a national domestic violence help line. Their number is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).


Domestic Abuse Helpline Services for Men and Women 24-hour hotline operated by staff and trained volunteers to offer information and crisis intervention to victims of domestic violence. They provide information about the issues concerning intimate partner violence.  Referrals to community resources. Resource directory for the country including where to find (if available) “male victim friendly” resources in your area. Assistance in filing protection from abuse orders (where available).

Crisis Hotline: 1-888-7HELPLINE  (1-888-743-5754)




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