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MEV Shares Her Letter ” A Beautiful Journey”



“A Beautiful Journey” is a letter which I have typed out that my favorite shelter worker wrote me this morning, on my final day living at this women’s’ shelter. It is words that can help us all. Enjoy524063_327108844044851_730525170_n  MEV

My dear MEV,

Your journey is the journey of a beautiful woman who inspired and gives compassion and ideals. I admire your strength even when you carry burdens and hardships. I admire your commitment to make things right and your ability to move forward and round up energy, even where there is so much heartache.

I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to know your story. It is a story of courage and hope. You are a very special woman and I ask that you never lose sight of that fact. Never give up and know that all you do and are now has evolved for a good, specific and important purpose. Each challenge, each failure carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. You have created a space for many to share their pain; you have brought a chance for some to voice their thoughts and experiences. You have created an opportunity to grow because when we break the silence, we create change.

You invited others to walk with you in this journey, that requires to open ones heart, to listen and share each other’s dreams, to celebrate the successes and to learn from your failures.

Thank you as you inspired and helped to reinforce my passion for the cause. I wish for you serenity, peace, completeness and many, many blessings for you and your children.

Love (My favorite staff)

I will hold this letter with me in my wallet from here on out and if ever I feel like I am losing sight of who I am, I will take it out and re-read it.

Visit Mev at her facbook page  My Emotional Vampire






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