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The following is an excerpt from a chapter in “The Dogs of Luck” by William Kenly. It describes the evolution of psychological and spiritual thoughts following my train wreck of a divorce after 24 years.


Boris Akunin has written almost a dozen mysteries set in a rural village in Russia in the late 1800’s. The hero is a slightly bumbling junior bureaucrat who has a stutter, a knack for clever disguises, and a systematically analytical mind. He finds himself in a position to investigate mysterious murders and intrigue.

Akunin then branched out to a series of detective novels featuring a female version of the previous detective, this time a novice nun of the same time period.  The gem that he penned that gave me the Rosetta Stone to interpret and deal with an unresolved part of my life was with a character named Emmanuel in his recent novel, Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel (Rooster).

“The assassin had followed them into the cave and now stood in front of Emmanuel and me and pointed a pistol at Emmanuel.

Emmanuel said, “I need you. I need you, and you need me! I came to see you, for you!”

“In what sense?” the killer asked, completely baffled.

…”There is no one in the world more unhappy than you. Your soul is crying out for help because the Devil has completely crushed the God in it. The good in the soul – that is God and the bad is the Devil. Surely you were told that when you were a child?”

“Ah,” said the killer, baring his teeth in a scowl. “So that’s it. A sermon. Well, you’ve got the wrong man here…”

…Emmanuel turned to me and said, “Watch, now I’ll show you his child’s face.”

I realized that something had happened to this terrible man. He was no longer able to shoot the prophet while looking him in the eye. And in my mind I cried out to Emmanuel: Don’t stop. Keep talking.

He slowly raised his hand with the palm outward, moved it from left to right, and a miracle happened. The killer suddenly froze, the hand holding the pistol sunk down, and his gaze followed the hand, spellbound.

…“Yasha, Yashechka, what have you done to yourself?” Emmanuel asked in a high voice like a woman’s.

…Then (the assassin) turned around and dashed headlong out of the tomb.

…”He is a very interesting man. Absolutely black, but still with a white spot. Everybody always has at least a tiny white speck. And it’s the same with those who are the whitest of white – only a tiny drop of black, but it’s still there.”

Do you see, Dear Reader? Do you see that this is how to deal with the person who is full of fear and hate?

You talk to their white speck!

And this secret came to me precisely at a time when I was dealing with my own dark person who had grown up in fear and who respected only those who could inspire fear. This little story taught me how to deal with him.

Always talk to the white speck in a person’s soul. There is some white in everyone. Even the assassin.

As happens so often in this journey, just as I am finishing digesting this little glimpse of wisdom, along comes the next step. There are other parts of my life that have been a bit off balance, and my religion during my upbringing was one of them. The resolution to this was simple, but I had not discovered it by my 55th birthday! It was in a book suggested by my Aunt Peggy as she reviewed an early manuscript of my last book. She suggested a concept from…


(If you like this excerpt, I will post more in the days to come. Here is a link to my section of this website. ~ William Kenly)  I am the author of “The Dogs of Divorce” “The Dogs of Cancer” and “The Dogs of Luck”  Here are links to my books on Amazon



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