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Signs You Have Healed!

life after divorce for men ok


Getting over your ex is not like when you fell in love. When you fall in love, you know right away. Getting over them and healing takes a little time. Many times you don’t even realize it has happened until the revelation moment. You read or see something, and you realize you really don’t concern yourself with them anymore. Sometime you don’t notice that you have healed so it is nice to see some of the signs.

I have tried to make a list of things you might feel while you are healing. With each item, you check off this list, give yourself a good pat on the back or treat yourself with something special. The list can help you see you are making progress!

1. You don’t have the urge to contact them.

2. You don’t wish for reconciliation.

3. Spending time alone is okay and relaxing.

4. You no longer anger toward him or her and you stop plotting revenge.

5. You are feeling comfortable about being single.

6. You don’t dread running into him or her.

7. You can go to the old haunts and have fun.

8. You question why you even dated them and start seeing the flaws they had.

9. You see yourself smiling when you look in the mirror.

10. Thinking about them, seeing photos or hearing a certain song doesn’t affect your mood.

11. You are proud of the new life you have created.

12. You stop wondering what they are doing.

13. Just the idea about being in a relationship or dating someone is exciting.

14. You realize you have forgiven your ex and yourself, and it is real.

Moving on and healing does not mean that you have to forget your past. It just means being able to find a place for them in your past and move on with your life.





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