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While Finding Yourself, Stay True to Yourself!



My entire dating life till the summer of 2012 consisted of a total of eight males since I was 15 years old and now I am over 50. I had been hurt so badly by my last relationship I decided to put on my tough coat and not let any man hurt me again. My plan was, never allow anyone to get close enough to know my true feeling.  I learned the hard way while finding yourself, stay true to yourself!

Along my journey, I met someone I thought was very nice. Unfortunately, he didn’t get enough time to know the real me. At one point, I was ready to reveal myself. Unfortunately at the same time, all the calls and texting stopped, and I didn’t know what happened. I did try to contact him a couple times to let him know that I was through with the “not me” phase and wanted a chance to talk, really talk to him. He would have gotten to know the real me, not the person I first presented to him because of the walls I had put up. He never returned my call or text messages, and I chalked this up to a learning experience.

When you meet someone, always be yourself. That was a moment in time, but it saddens me to know there is someone out there that has a totally wrong impression of what my true personality is.

I have concluded if a person is not considerate enough to give me a chance to explain my behavior, then that person is not somebody I want in my life. I don’t want a person that just stops calling without an explanation. That is the coward’s way out, and I don’t want cowards in my life.


“This above all: to thine own self be true” – Shakespeare







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