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Communication With Ease (even with your ex)!


Have you ever asked yourself these questions concerning your ex, children, co-workers or even your boss?

– Why did you do that?
– What were you thinking?

iStock_000012210080XSmall-2Trying to understand another person’s behavior can be very stressful and frustrating.  The first step to help you deal with your frustration is to remember that everyone is unique. We all see the world from a different perspective.

With that being said, would it be fair to say that if I understand you and you understand me, chances are we would have a better relationship? Absolutely!

As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Divorce  Mentor, the formula that I teach my clients is to first understand yourself (why you do what you do),  than to understand others (why they do what they do); put all this information together and what you create is an incredible relationship.

It is very common for people to marry their opposites and who do you think we know least about? Your opposite! It seems that opposites attract and then opposites attack! Be aware of this when you start a new relationship; learn to appreciate and value what the other person brings to the table. This is how we all learn and grow.

Why do second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages? Could it be that people are jumping into another relationship without coming up for air and taking the time to learn more about themselves?  What’s the rush? I suggest taking this time for you and enjoy the journey.

If I had this valuable information after my divorce, I would have made other choices when dating. When we don’t take the time to rediscover ourselves, we end up attracting the same person we just divorced.

Being AWARE and recognizing the different styles of communication will change your life.
– Having less frustration and stress when co-parenting with your ex
– After just the first date, knowing if that person is right for you
– As a single parent, speaking the same language as your children/teenagers to increase listening and co-operation.

This is all possible when you first understand yourself and then others
(knowing the Communication Formula)!

Happy Communicating!

Joanie Winberg
Divorce Mentor, Certified Human Behavior Consultant and founder of the
Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show.

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