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Enjoy Holidays after Divorce



Enjoy Holidays after Divorce

Spending holidays after divorce may not be the most pleasant thing – wrong! Holidays after getting divorced could be the most freeing and rejuvenating experience. There is no reason to worry. With the holiday season around the corner, here are a few tips that could prove to be more than helpful during this season.

• If you are worried about being alone during the holidays, there is only one recourse – Keep busy! If you don’t have anyone to spend your holidays with, find someone from your local group who is in the same situation or volunteer at a local shelter or your favorite charity. Giving freely to others can be emotionally freeing and could be just what the doctor ordered!

• Clean your house! De-cluttering can be the most cathartic experience for those alone during the holidays. This gives them ample time to reflect about the things that are most important in their lives and helps them be thankful for these gifts.

• Be creative this holiday season! Instead of shopping for gifts, you could learn to make personalized items and gift it to your loved ones.

• Focus on others in your life. It is important to give thanks to those who have constantly supported you in life especially through your struggles.

• Don’t compete with the ex. Chances are that with the recent divorce, there might be a number of things on your mind and a holiday may be the last thing. If your living situation is not on firm grounds and there are a lot of fees to be paid, it might be time to become more realistic. Instead of trying to compete with your ex, who may be more secure financially than you, you can figure out a budget and shop within it. The holiday season isn’t about who gives the most expensive gifts. Relax and enjoy the season as it was never meant to be a source of worry. Rejoice in the Christmas spirit.

• Ensure that your kids can celebrate this holiday guilt-free. Don’t manipulate or make them feel guilty about spending more time with the other parent when it is their time to take the children for a holiday. Never criticize your ex, especially during holidays. Co-parenting can be the toughest thing to do during holidays. One parent may feel left out. But it is best to understand that this is something that was chosen and decided by the both of you and you have to stick to your end of the bargain.

• Be gracious and kind especially when you are facing challenges with your ex. It helps them understand your point of view. If you cannot talk but must communicate with your ex, texting or emails can be a good alternative.

• Start a new tradition with the children and rethink what the holiday means to you! If you can’t think of any try one of these ideas.  Read a different holiday book each night before bed.  One night have an indoor camp out in front of your Christmas tree one night. Have a cookie-baking party. After the cookies have cooled place them in small baggies. Then deliver them around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols if you like.  

• Last but not the least: take care of yourself! Focus inwardly and understand what you need at this point of time. Don’t give yourself a hard time! Instead, focus on all the things going for you and enjoy a peaceful time recuperating and rejuvenating.

Holidays come with stress and adding the stress of enduring a divorce or being newly divorced can at times feel overwhelming. There is a trick to surviving the stress and that is to stop and just breathe. Life really is not over because you are divorced, it is just different.

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