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The Healing Therapy of Writing and Art



writing with pen and paper

At a cancer conference this fall, there was an enlightening session on using writing and art as a therapy for healing cancer. As I sat there listening to cancer survivor after survivor tell how they drew great peace and understanding from various forms of channeling their inner selves, it dawned on me that this is very much like therapy for people recovering form divorce. Some of the people talked about reaching their inner selves with singing, others with dancing, others from writing. One lady sat there, listening intently as her hands drew gorgeous pictures.

Divorce, like other traumas, focus us on the battle so intensely that the rest of our personality gets shoved aside, sidetracked to wait until important matters are dealt with, and ultimately we get into the habit of ignoring our inner selves. With me, I came to call these my inner voices which would know an answer or connect some dots, but in the time leading up to the divorce, and for years afterwards, I did not listen to these inner voices. When I started to listen, de-focusing from the battle through writing and exercise, those little inner voices showed me the way out of the cave I had backed myself into. Later, in my cancer journey, those little voices again have been healing therapy.

So I am offering the thought of finding your own therapy outside of (or in addition to) traditional pills and counseling, maybe in writing or drawing or singing or whatever is your expression, and let it help you heal. Good luck!

William Kenly
author of “The Dogs of Divorce” and
“The Dogs of Cancer” “The Dogs of Luck” by William Kenly



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