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How to Help Kids Cope with Divorce




A divorce is not only stressful for the parents but also for the kids involved. Children are bound to feel confusing and sad, and if it’s a bitter divorce then it becomes even more stressful for the kids to deal with it. Since, they do not have the emotional maturity to understand the gravity of the situation, there is a possibility that they might even get scarred for life. Therefore, as responsible parents it is your duty to make your divorce less painful especially if there are kids involved. You need to help your child cope with the changes that are taking place in his or her life.

Many parents who are going through a divorce actually dread the moment when they have to break the news to their kids. If the kids are very young, then it is relatively easier as compared to adolescents. As a parent, you must be careful of what you say and how you say it in order to minimize the emotional damage to the kid. The best way to go about it is do it together with your soon to be ex-husband or wife rather than doing it alone because the kid will get a feeling that both of you are in it together. It is important that both of you discuss and jot down the kind of information that needs to be shared with the kid. Once both of you are on the same page, then broach the topic with your kids.

The first and the foremost thing you should do is tell the truth to your kids because sooner or later they are going to find the truth behind it. So the best way, is to give a candid, but child friendly explanation behind the divorce. Be simple and honest while answering their questions. Reassure the kids that though divorce will bring upon some significant changes in everyone’s life but it will never change the way both of you feel about them. Tell them that no matter what you will always love them and though you are getting divorced from their mother or father you can never divorce them. Ask for their support in transitioning from one situation to the other. Always keep, in mind your children are learning from your actions. Take time and teach them well so they will learn how to process difficult life changes in their future.

When you speak to your kids about the divorce, make sure that you don’t criticize or demean your husband or wife in any manner. Kids need to respect both of you equally, and how you present a united front to them would go a long way in establishing the future course of the relations between all of you.

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