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Keeping Your Children Out of the Icky Side of Divorce



Here are a few bits of advice for keeping your children out of the icky side of divorce regardless of how long it has been since you separated or divorced.


1. When spending time with your child, don’t speak negatively about your former spouse.
2. Do not argue with your ex in your child’s presence, and especially avoid arguing when talking about the child.
3. Make sure you always arrive for visitations on time consistently so as not to offer any ammo for your ex.
4. Avoid talking about financial or legal issues when your child is present.
5. Your child should not be responsible for passing information between you and your former spouse regardless of their age!
6. Along with not using your children as a messenger, do not ask them to spy on your ex-spouse. This includes any inquiries about your ex’s dating status, take the high road!
7. Don’t prevent your child from seeing their other parent as a way to punish your former spouse; it will only hurt you in the end.
8. Avoid telling your child they can decide who to live with after the divorce, a child does not need that power regardless of their age; it will only hurt the child.
9. Make sure your children know the separation is not their fault and both parents love and support them.
10. Make sure you always arrive for visitations on time consistently because children will get very disappointed if you miss a scheduled visit. Make your children a priority regardless of how disgusting your ex may act.
11. Schedule meaningful activities during your custodial time and take interest in the children’s schoolwork and extracurricular activities, this is so important!


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