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Let US Learn from Peter





Let’s take a moment and think about Peter, when he got out of the boat because Jesus asked him. He put his faith in Jesus when he became afraid he started to sink. At that point, he called out for Jesus to help him even though he was afraid and sinking. The other disciples sat safely in the boat they did not take the risk to try. They leaned on the boat, and Peter leaned on Jesus. Faith let’s go of the ordinary for a little while so God can do something better. Why are you holding on to the pain and bad feelings? This is an adventure of faith! Life is difficult; you have been knocked out of the safe boat. Now it’s time to let your faith grow in steps of faith and reaching out as Peter did. Leave the past behind you and open yourself to what God has waiting for you.

I have heard people give Peter a hard time for what he did that day. I guess like everything else I view things differently; he took the risk, believed and he tried. Peter’s faith got shaken, but he called for Jesus to help! I think this is an example of what real true faith is. I may be afraid to try, but I do and when I sink I ask for Jesus to catch me as I fall! There are great rewards outside the boat. It is time to take the step outside! It is time to follow your faith and let God do something better!



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