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Additional Tips on Getting Over Your Ex


It can still be hard to bury all those memories and move on with your life even if you decided to end the relationship especially if they cheated on you. I have put together some Additional Tips on Getting Over Your Ex,  I have used to help me get past the loss of a relationship.

Write it Down – When you have issues with your ex and you feel you must contact them now, DO NOT CALL or TEXT MESSAGE them at that moment. Instead, get a pen and paper and write it down (or type it on your computer) and make sure that you NEVER send this letter.

Let all your anger and all your feeling of sadness and loss out in this letter. Process your emotions in these letters reread your words, and try to identify what is really bothering you. Try to learn from these letters and what you need and want in the future as well as what you need to avoid. Then go burn them or delete the letter immediately! Remember these are never to be sent or seen by others.

Have a Funeral – Have a symbolic ceremony. Funerals are still held for people whose bodies were never found, so there is no reason why you should not have a funeral to say goodbye to this relationship that has ended. Read your eulogy about your relationship out loud.

Stop Analyzing and Regretting – Stop the “what ifs” and try to accept the finality of the breakup.

Remember the Bad Times – When you have those thoughts about the good times, remind yourself about one or two of the bad times. Make a list of reasons why you and your ex are not together and keep adding to it. Don’t forget to add their bad habits on the list as well, which I am sure you can find many. If you have a weak moment or feel you are not good enough, go read your list and by the end of reading it, I am sure you will probably be able to put a couple more items on it.

Find Happiness in Other Areas of Your Life – Spending time with your friends and family, singing, dancing, signing up for that class you have always wanted to take, or reading every book. Remind yourself that a relationship is one part of life. Indulge in those things you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time. As they say, the best revenge is to live well and be happy.

Give Yourself Time and Space – Heal slowly, one long day at a time. You have been through a lot, it will take time, do not try to rush the healing process. You might even be doing great one day, and the next day it will be difficult for you again. For me, this came in waves, but they became less and less intense with time.

Volunteer – Helping others keeps you busy and it helps you feel better about yourself.

Stay Single for a While – The rebound relationship is rarely successful. Choose to remain single until the edges of bitterness, anger, and sadness softens. One of the biggest regrets in my life is a man I hurt so badly. He was a rebound relationship for me, but he cared more deeply than I did. The sadness I saw in his beautiful blue eyes when I ended the relationship is in image I still remember to this day.

Keep your dignity – It is our own ego that causes us pain; we feel rejected, deceived and embarrassed. We doubt our self-worth. If there was abuse or infidelity, it can undermine your self-confidence and shake you to the core. Help rebuild your self-esteem by impressing yourself with accomplishment.

Volunteer, take a class, do things that you like to do. If you are a member of a church or group get involved! These tips have helped me, and I hope they will help you!!


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