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Life is a Puzzle and My Ex was not my Soul Mate


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Forrest Gump said “life is like a box of chocolates” but I prefer to agree with SQuire Rushnell that life is like a big jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces have their place, and every single one is important in our life for some reason. I am one piece in the puzzle; there are pieces that connect to mine, one of which is a soul mate. As with any puzzle when you have the correct piece they fall in place very quickly, and there is no need to try to make them fit.


The puzzle is God’s plan or blueprint for our lives. I do not believe any of the people that come in our life is by coincidence. I believe every one of them has a purpose some are small yet others large. People can be in your life for a short time yet have a profound effect. I only lived in the Philippines a few years, but many of the things that I was taught there influenced the rest of my life.


The Filipinos believe God chooses our parents, siblings, and children. When a Filipino is speaking of an older sister they do not just referred to her by her name the Tagalog word “Ate” is before her name. This is because Filipinos believe God also chose the order in which you were born. Respect for God’s grand design is also extended to the friends of their parents. An adult male that is a friend of your parents has the Tagalog word “Tito” before the man’s name. Ask any Filipino if it’s by coincidence these people are in their lives, they will look at you like you’ve lost your mind, and I happen to agree with them. SQuire Rusnell says in his book When God Winks on Love “Like a jigsaw puzzle in which you know that all the pieces will fit precisely together, the blueprint for your life was written with an exact-fitting piece just for you and your soul mate. Yes, within that jigsaw puzzle called “Your Life,” there is a perfect love.”


We are one piece in our life puzzle, and each person is another piece. God has assigned us the task of putting our life puzzle together. We cannot forget about the other gift God gave us which is free will. Because of this he allows us to place the people pieces where we want. We are human and sometimes we will make the wrong choices.


During my healing time after my divorce I thought about this over and over and over again. I realized my ex was not my perfect puzzle piece (soul mate). So many times during the marriage I was pushing the pieces down trying to make them fit. The piece would fit for a while, but then some corner or curve always popped up. I kept trying to make the wrong piece go in the wrong spot. When I realized this and accepted it I felt a big weight lift off my shoulders, and I was okay with the divorce. My ex is an important piece in my puzzle called life, he is just not my soul mate, and I am not his.


There will be puzzle pieces that you do not like, but they are there for a reason. Your life puzzle would not be complete without them. The first ones that come to mind are the ones that your ex picks to bring into your children’s lives. God doesn’t require you to do anything but understand he will make his reason clear one day.


While putting your life puzzle together have confidence in the big picture. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open so you can understand your God Winks. Squire Rushnell also said “we have a built-in GPS and he calls God’s Positioning System. How do you program a GPS? You have to talk to the navigator.” Keep talking to the navigator he will help you stay on the right path and put the puzzle together correctly.



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