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Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Never say Never



Never say your never gonna be able to get out there and enjoy life again,because you are and will be happy again with yourself.. You take things one day at a time and you do what matters for yourself! It is a scary thing to end a relationship after a long period of time,but it can also be an exciting time for you.

You have the right to do things for yourself and make decisions on your own , and  do the things that you have always wanted to do that you could not do before. It’s time for you to get that list out of the things you have always wanted to do and start doing them one  at a time and along the way you just might find something else you like doing.

Never say you will never find love again because you will someday and that one person will walk into your life and turn it upside down like never before.You will find that wonderful feeling and you will find that it’s so much better.

You will smile and be happy again so Never say Never….


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