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Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Numbness


386467_232909673446619_179181975486056_568896_989736535_n[1]There is gonna be  times where you are gonna feel numbness within yourself ,  I know I do at times and lately I have been feeling that way a lot.. I struggle lately with the daily routine and all the changes I have had to go through this last year.. But there is one thing I  know is that I have learned so much about myself and I have also learned a lot about other’s.

I maybe dealing with some individual  issue’s right now, like working at a job that I don’t enjoy ,because of the negative atmosphere . I just don’t understand why folks need to bully and harass people when they just wanna come to work and do there job and stay out of the drama..I have found this at the last  job  I was at as well, and I am hearing this everywhere from other friends and family .

It just makes it harder when your alone and your struggling to make ends meet , it is like they like to target the single good folks because they know they got them where they are stuck ,because we need our jobs.

I am so very grateful though I got some good support , I have a few good friends that I talk with and a wonderful special someone that listens and guides me and gives me the strength to move on. What I have learned about myself is that I am a strong person and and a fighter and I will survive and I will pick myself  up and do what I gotta do for me and no matter what I am trying to stay focused and keep a positive outlook on things.. I may feel pretty numb inside right now and a little lost, but  I will find my way through this and will be able to move on to better things soon I just can’t give up hope…


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