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Take Time to Re-Evaluate Everything Including “Friends”

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Many people surround themselves with “friends” that do not appreciate them and eventually they are left feeling invisible and worthless in their own eyes and heart. The mind plays tricks and makes it so much bigger than it really is.

Quite a few people now days can’t see past their own wants and needs. They really do act like the world revolves around them. Shoot, they are so self-involved that they are texting while walking and falling into sewers and fountains. LOL

Seriously… then they have the nerve to say it is someone else’s fault.

If you have friends like this, it is time to explain to them how their actions are affecting you, and make them see you, or walk away. It may be time to make new friends that will have their hearts involved in the relationship.

We have control of our lives and what we allow to affect us. Sitting around and feeling invisible or forgotten is a choice… wake up! Choose differently!

You are worth so much more than that.



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