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*** My Own Diva’s Survival Tips ***



The Divorced Diva’sTen survival tips for after your divorce:

Divorced Diva survival tip #1:survivaltips-01

Change your thoughts and you change your world…don’t be the victim anymore…BE the SURVIVOR starting now!


Divorced Diva survival tip #2:

Throw yourself into a hobby…maybe something you have ALWAYS wanted to do but didn’t have the time before. Right now it is important to STAY BUSY and keep going! I bought myself a nice camera and took up photography. What hobby will you take up or have taken up?


Divorced Diva survival tip #3:

This tip is especially for those that have no children. I say this because your children at this time can bring you amazing companionship. Get a pet…it gives you a reason to get up every day out of bed AND it can be an awesome bed warmer/snuggle buddy at night. My shih tzu has been my rock and I don’t know what I would do without him.


Divorced Diva survival tip #4:

Splurge on yourself! You deserve some pampering…I got Birchbox the first couple of months while I was going through my divorce. Birchbox is the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice, buy new favorites and earn points with every purchase.


Divorced Diva survival tip #5:

Take this time to INVEST and REBUILD your friendships! Trust me…I know some days you would rather be left alone in bed BUT I promise you EVERY time that I forced myself to go out with my girlfriends I was so glad that I did! I made a “single, sassy and classy” group on FB that was closed so only the members could see it but I added all my single girlfriends to it. This way we could easily all get in touch! For example, if one night you wanted to go to the movies you just post a status like normal but on your group page! So easy 🙂

* A how to is in the photo albums on our FB page


Divorced Diva survival tip #6:

Know that the incredible emptiness and pain that you are feeling right now IS temporary. It might not ever FULLY 100% go away but it does get much better. I can remember being told that when all I felt was numbness and almost like a robot just going through my daily routine until I would eventually breakdown and cry. In my darkest hours I felt like I would never heal. Time DOES heal but you must let yourself go through that grieving process. It was during this time that I learned more about myself than I ever had before.


Divorced Diva survival tip #7:

JOURNAL…..whether it be online or on paper keep a journal. There is so much going on during this time in your life and your thoughts can easily get jumbled up. That is why I chose the collage picture for this survival tip. For me (TDD) keeping a journal was hard at first because it MADE me come to terms with my thoughts. I saw just how weak I had become. I didn’t know this person that was writing this stuff. I can remember writing then listening to Missy Higgins “Cooling of the Embers” and thinking that song is about me. Who had I become? Then after reading it over a period of time it actually started to serve as therapy. I began to see my growth and how far I had come. One day I hope to be strong enough to share with you my entire journal.


Divorced Diva survival tip #8:

Change up! Change your wardrobe, house decor, hair style etc. Use this time to make changes in areas of your life that you couldn’t before. Maybe you were too scared…maybe you thought your ex wouldn’t approve? Now is the time! Did you always want that big red couch and he said no…well go get that red couch today! I learned that changing around my house decor helped A LOT! Something about switching things around gave me closure.


Divorced Diva survival tip #9:

Make a BUCKET LIST! By making a list of goals that you want to achieve you are covering several bases here. First, you are rediscovering your values, remembering what is important to you, its giving you something to look forward to and something to strive for. After your divorce you NEED motivation. I made one and stuck it on my refrigerator so that I can see it daily. I am slowly checking things off my list. It keeps me excited about my future and that is another reason it is beneficial. After my divorce I felt lonely and misplaced in this world. Making the bucket list has helped. I felt that I had a purpose again. Something about having goals and working towards them makes you feel somewhat alive again. It also helped with keeping my mind BUSY and not thinking about my divorce 24/7. I encourage each of you to take some alone time and make a bucket list!


Divorced Diva survival tip #10:

Start WORKING OUT! I know you just want to lay in bed during this time but I promise once you start working out you will see its benefits. You will feel better emotionally and physically. It helps with your self esteem that is more than likely low right now. If you start going to a gym you can meet people as well. Join a running group or just workout alone if you prefer. Whatever you decide just get moving! Laying around is a nasty habit that you can easily take on during and after a divorce. Don’t fall victim to it!

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