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Two Wild Dogs Fighting and Title of My Books…




People often ask me where the titles of the three “Dogs” books comes from, and I tell them that a few weeks after I was served with papers by the sheriff, a close friend of mine, someone who had gone through his own train-wreck of a divorce, handed me this story, and It became a guiding light for me, even after the divorce times were behind me.

two dogs, dog

“The old Indian chief was teaching wisdom to his young grandson as they sat together on the mesa beneath the starry night sky.

He explained that there were always two wild dogs fighting in his belly.

One was the dog of Anger, Jealousy and Fear.

The other was the dog of Love, Hope and Giving.

And these two dogs in his belly were always fighting each other.

The little boy thought about those two wild dogs for several minutes in the quiet of the night,

And with wonderment in his large brown eyes, the little boy asked thoughtfully,

“Which dog will win, Grandfather?”

The hardened old Indian chief looked tenderly at his precious grandson,

And spoke slowly from his heart:

“Whichever …

dog …

I …


~American Indian Folklore


Take time and make sure you feed the right dog!


The Dogs of Divorce”  “The Dogs of Luck: Comic Confessions from Warren PA, Corporate America and Family Life” and  “The Dogs of Cancer: Dancing with Medullary” by William Kenly



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